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2018-19 Group Order


VCC Products

VCC offers a range of composted products from straight manure-compost to light potting soil. Their website has the best information on these products, but here is an overview of the potting soil options:

Fort Vee All Purpose Compost-based Potting Mix. This is a complete germinating and growing-on mix designed for soil blocks. Excellent for trays, pots, and containers. Usually no additional fertility is required until the roots fill the soil mix. Blended from composted manure and plant materials, blonde hort grade sphagnum peat moss, crushed and screened granite and basalt, blood meal, kelp meal, steamed bone meal, mined gypsum, vermiculite, washed coconut coir, and herbs (biodynamic preparations).

Fort Light Compost Based Potting Soil. This is developed for growers who want a compost-based soil mix with the handling and watering characteristics of a peat-perlite mix. A complete germinating mix, it is particularly desirable for growers using smaller celled plastic flats or where light weight is preferred. Usually no additional fertility required until the roots fill the soil mix. Blended from the same ingredients as Fort Vee, above.

our group order

To get the best discount and shipping rate, we need to collectively order 20-24 pallets and place the order by December 21st. The deadline for order and payment is December 14th. Delivery of orders is first-come, first-served, so the sooner we get our order in, the sooner it will be delivered. Please contact Megan at megan. gambrill at for more information or to place your order.


When Annie Woods of Dark Wood Farm in Boone County, Kentucky, began using Fort Vee, she found that her starts were ready a full two-three weeks earlier than with any other pre-bought or personally-mixed product. Around the country many other farmers have attested to the products and the impact on their businesses. Read more here.

vermont compost company vs ohio earth food

Below is an overview of the cost differential between Ohio Earth Food’s Plant Pro and Seed Catapult via Turner Farm’s OEF group order and Vermont Compost Company’s Fort Vee / Fort Light via Cultivate! Ohio Valley. Click on the products to learn more about each one. It is up to each farmer to determine what makes the most sense for their businesses.

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