Cultivate! Ohio Valley


Inspiring, Educating, and Supporting Ohio Valley Farmers


Advocating for Ohio Valley farmers since 2015

Cultivate! Ohio Valley is a Cincinnati-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, educate, and support Ohio valley farmers and expand local food access to consumers in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana tristate region.

We strive to create a more vibrant and equitable food system by providing educational opportunities specific to the needs of current and future farmers in the Ohio Valley. Specifically, we:

  • Provide classroom and in-the-field experiences to help current farmers grow their businesses.

  • Host a two-year apprenticeship program to provide future farmers with the foundational knowledge to build or manage a farming enterprise.

  • Work with commodity crop growers to help them transition to specialty crop production and increase the volume of locally grown produce in our food system.




P.O. Box 12795
Cincinnati, OH 45212



Program Areas

New farmer training

Cultivate! Ohio Valley hosts a beginning farmer training program that provides future farmers with the foundational knowledge and experience to build or manage a farming enterprise.  We also operate an entrepreneurial seed-starting program called CincySprouts, which offers beginning farmers the opportunity to learn valuable planning, propagation, sales, and marketing skills.

food hubs & farmers markets

Cultivate! Ohio Valley connects farmers of different experience levels and scales with the resources they need to reach their target markets -- from farmers markets to institutional customers.  Additionally, Cultivate! supports the efforts of local food hubs, Our Harvest and Local Food Connection, by helping prepare farmers to meet required food safety, packing, and grading standards.

existing farmer support & Education

Cultivate! Ohio Valley serves as a hub of support for local growers.  We provide classroom and in-the-field experiences to help current farmers grow their businesses.  We also work to facilitate resource sharing, group supply ordering, and social networking.


consumer education

Cultivate! Ohio Valley collaborates with and supports other organizations in the local food system to address broad needs in the areas of health and wellness, consumer education, food waste, and environmental sustainability.



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