Cultivate! Ohio Valley

Group Ordering

Winter 2018-19


Group Ordering Opportunties

There are a number of group ordering opportunities in the region for everything from seeds to plastic. Minimum orders are needed for these group orders to work.

If there is not a large enough order in one year, we will not be able to get the quoted discounts, but are still happy to help in whatever way we can.



For many years, Turner Farm has enabled annual group ordering of Ohio Earth Food products. This year Turner Farm and a number of other local farmers are interested in switching to Vermont Compost Company’s Fort Vee or Fort Vee Light products. Farmers may still order OEF products through Turner’s group ordering process (see below).

Click “Learn More” for information on Vermont Compost Company’s products, a comparison of OEF and VCC products and prices, and order information.

We must put a single order and payment in by December 21st, so require order and payment by Friday, Dec. 14th. Pick up will be at Carriage House Farm.



Each January Turner Farm serves the farming community by placing a large group order from Ohio Earth Food. This Hartville, Ohio based business offers growers everything from soil amendments to biological pesticides. Discounts are based on order timing and size. This space will be updated with details on the 2019 order when it is available. For more information right now contact Abby at turnerfarm dot org.


SEED Potatoes from white rock specialty

Each year the Ashbas at the Organic Farm at Bear Creek organize a group seed potato order from White Rock Specialty out of Colorado. The deadline each year is mid-December. For more information, contact Jeff Ashba at jsashba at gmail dot com.


Fedco seed order

Each January Turner Farm serves the farming community by placing a group order with FEDCO Seeds, resulting in discounts up to 20%. Deadline for order will be end of day January 14th. Abby Lundrigan will be sending an email with details to all who participated last year. If anyone who was not on the order last year would like to participate, they can email Abby directly by January 1st and she will add them to the group email: Abby at turnerfarm dot org.